We are living in exciting times. More than ever, technology has the capacity to create change for the better in society, and nowhere is that capacity more powerful than at the nexus of technology, investment, and social impact. Energy. Water. Health. Media & Culture. Rapid technological change and and uneven development and adoption across borders in each of these sectors creates compelling investment opportunities for those prepared to act. These opportunities can often be brought to scale and exit much faster in Asia, especially in the planned economy of China, than they could in more developed economies. Additionally, each of these sectors offers the opportunity to change the way we live and work for the better.

Current conditions in Europe and America have made raising funds in domestic capital markets difficult even for the most well-qualified private equity investments. Asian, and especially Chinese investors are relatively cash-rich but often lack experience in partnering with foreign companies or investing abroad. Paragon seeks and engages in high-value investments that bridge this gap, creating value for both Western and Asian stakeholders.

In this section we seek to provide insights and resources for each of the industry sectors that we engage in.